boarding school suite

BSS is being developed in an attempt to provide practical tools to Boarding School professionals who are in some cases not being catered to when school software packages are developed. This package currently runs on Windows OS, is most stable with Google Chrome or Firefox. BSS is multi-platform with functionality across PC and portable small screen devices. You all carry a smartphone or tablet - Right?


Whilst no data is ever 100% secure on the internet – regardless of security, we employ encryption and password security to protect the integrity of data. Similarly we also contract our Service Provider to employ their Server Side Security as an added layer of security for our software and your data. Our Service Provider Connection is authenticated with industry leading SHA-2 & 2048-bit Extended Validation Encryption.

Similarly by registering your interest from our Contact Us page – we merely validate that you have a connection or association with your Boarding School. We do not require your status or position at the school – merely that your school acknowledges that you have an association with them, normally this would be an employment association and that you are evaluating our software with no obligation to any fees for the foreseeable future. This is really only about security.


BSS is being developed in an attempt to provide practical tools to Boarding School professionals

Pastoral Centre

This centre provides applications for Boarding Staff that can assist in monitoring, recording and managing all aspects of a students support regime during their time at your school.




This module is focused on student records, rollcall, leave application & processing, movement tracking and reports to ensure best practice in Duty of Care for Boarding Students.

help centre

The Help Centre consists of Help Resources for our Boarding School Staff. Here you will find a dynamic routine of blogs, videos, guides and Zendesk support.

Also from the Help Centre, registered users can access documents, policies, pictures or any resource that other Boarding Professionals care to share in our secure Boarding Resource Repository. Then for the Boarding Administrators we offer a Staff Survey or Staff Assessment Tool. This is a tool that is setup by any (registered with BSS) Boarding Administrator who may access & design their own assessment or staff survey. Assessment pieces may be shared among other senior Boarding Administrators or reused with modifications. The Survey and Assessment Tool is prepared by the Senior Boarding Manager, based on any material or training their staff have covered. It is emailed out from within this tool, completed online by their staff and automatically marked by the system. Completed assessment pieces are stored for future reference.

simplicity rules

The Attendance Centre gets securely populated either manually or by simply uploading a data file from your current student database, a simple procedure. Boarding School Suite runs independent of the school database.

BSS has being designed with the specific intent that users can choose which components are desirable and slowly integrate them as you become comfortable and can access appropriate hardware.

All applications in the suite are free to try for registered education providers, Schools, Boarding Schools, Hostels & staff of such institutions.