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This module is focussed on student activities and record keeping to facilitate best practice Duty of Care for Boarding schools.

It is designed to allow Boarding staff who are anywhere On Campus or Off Campus attending excursions or sport events to do simple and quick rolls in real time so that other staff can see which students are where – in real time.

This Attendance Centre has been the focus of our attention since inception. We are proud of our flagship applications which will make your transition from clipboard n paper routines to digital routines. Staff can use hardware provided by the school or they can make use of their own tablet or smartphone for most applications. Senior Boarding Staff can view completed rolls at anytime from anywhere as long as they have mobile signal. They can also login to settings and with simple ‘clicks’ or ‘taps’ authorise relief staff appropriate functionality if they are moved between Responsibility Areas or Boarding Residences.


Some of the examples include
  • Manage Student DB borading-school-management-system-BSS
  • Rollcall & Attendance with Apps
  • Leave Management System Software-for-boarding-school-management-BSS
  • Print Student ID with photo
  • Staff Training & Testing Module
  • Student Tracking
  • Audit Log
  • Customise to your practices
  • Realtime updates of student movement