Pastoral Centre

Pastoral Centre - Catering Manager

This module enables staff and students to be in touch and updated with all the catering on the campus. The Student Catering Manager provides a real time list of students present (thus requiring meals) at any given time. The Student Catering Manager lists and totals all the students from the Manage Students DataBase - (Print and digital copy). Similarly,on request - it separates the students identified as having particular allergies,diets or menus. These variables are chosen by the Boarding Administrator and set up in the set up section. It allows for approximately 15 different diets or and conditions e.g. Hallal, Jewish, Allergic to nuts, Allergic to wheat, lactose intolerant and would have an alert for the kitchen or whoever is printing the report as soon as one of these students books a meal variable or comes up in one of the meal listings.

Similarly where students have logged in with their assigned username & password, they may book an irregular meal “Takeaway” or a “Late Meal” for a particular meal or meals. This can be done up to a week in advance and up to x minutes before a particular meal. Meal times can be programmed in much like the Create Time Slot Labels, Configure Time Slots & Manage Reasons Sequence used in the Headcheck application).

Phase 2 – for later on: This will also have a reader or Pin or biometric reader at the meal site where students can swipe their cards or finger etc and be registered as having received their meal – where some try to double through twice – an alert will be triggered either audible or on listing.Similarly a report will be available to see who is missing which meals.

The kitchen managers (staff) can log in with their username & password and get a report of which students & staff to cater to, for upcoming meal’s, this includes knowing which students and staff are going to be requiring abnormal catering, as described above.

This application will automatically interface with the Student Leave Manager. If the Student Leave Manager application is in use, it will be automatically adjusted for catering staff to see who as well as what numbers are going to be away for weekday or weekend leave, which will allow for automatic updating of the catering numbers as soon as a particular students leave particulars have been entered, or cancelled on the Student Leave Manager.