Pastoral Centre

Pastoral Centre - Conduct Record

This module enables respective boarding houses to record and monitor student details as well as build up and manage their conduct records.

Student Personal Conduct Record is a record of student conduct since inception. Again, this is only available when populated from the Manage Students database of the BSS. It is a simple database that consists of an input section where it requires basic information from dropdown selection boxes. These default to the :-

*Preferred Name


*Year level


*Date of input

*Name of Manager (staff) making the entry (selection box)

and also require the manager to insert the Date of event and selection of possible types of conduct. The types of conduct may include :

  • Bullying
  • Behavior
  • Profanity
  • Theft
  • AWOP
  • Kudos
  • Community Service

..... among many others. These options are set up by the Administrator in the Manage Managers Section and are limited to a choice of a possible 10 options, one of which is “Other”. User is alerted to the fact that once possible types of conduct are set/chosen, they cannot be changed without loosing all data attached to them.

There is a nice big text box or window that allows HTML text to be pasted in or typed in. The user hits “save entry” and this is saved as per . . .

These files are saved on the server

A search function will be available according to the following criteria . . . Student Name, Possible Types of Conduct, Date range (from/to), and then the events are viewable and printable and saveable (Save as) with all the relevant data as the data was submitted .pdf & .txt & MS Word® format.