Pastoral Centre

Pastoral Centre - Daily Dairy

This application enables Dormitory Staff (Managers) to write reports daily – by date. Imagine this to be a modern digital version of a “Page by Day Paper Diary” Writes notes to staff for the next shifts to read, makes comments on current student events and dynamics which may include altercations or visits by people from other dormitories or family. This is not specific to any student but should be specific to the day and date and specific to who types up the report. Similarly it should be searchable according to any words like maybe “fight” or “alcohol” or “visitor” “Weekend Leave” “Skateboard” “iPod” as well as any student names Given or Surname. So that staff can search for an event that may have occurred a few months ago and by putting in key words they can come across the entry or entries and then copy and paste the historical data to wherever they want it.

This would be able to be read and updated by multiple managers simultaneously.