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This is a mini/alternate version of the Head Check app.It is intended to be taken off campus, sometimes to a place out of range of wi-fi or mobile signal. It should still be stable.It enables staff to do Attendance by year level or just as a group and to get a report of how many students are on the excursion and how many are MIA (missing in action) and the names of the students who are missing, in a separate screen (prompted by a button press) until the Head Check can be closed off and the next session/check can be prepared

It either interfaces with the Manage Students DB to get the students or the students are added manually by the user. In event of where it interfaces with the Manage Students DB – clearly not ALL those students from the DB will be out on the excursion – (very unlikely) so there needs to be a simple way of removing/deleting (or adding completely new names, maybe from another school or adding names that were deleted by mistake.) Also we need to easily be able to see the totals – by Year level or just the total number of students on the excursion. (Sometimes it is easier to just count the heads and check the number correlates with the number required by the paperwork/documentation/iPad – that is cheating but it happens sometimes)

A number of “Head Checks” or “Rolls” are planned or predefined or merely done at lib. The times of these Head Checks are reported and a summary of the Head Check is done at the end. Should a student be added or removed some time during the excursion which could be hours or days . . . then the change is reflected from the applicable Head Check.

Reports of each Head Check could be (as per a setting option) either stored as .pdf or (text file) and emailed off at any time during the excursion.It is not necessary to have a Log In name etc. of who conducts the Head Check – but the report should indicate the Date, Time, and any discrepancies from the head check – i.e. MIA names.

Where wi-fi or mobile signal is available the Excursion app should be able to be run in real time so managers who are back on campus can see which students are present on the excursion.The Excursion app should show both the managers on campus and the users off campus whether or not the App is running in real time or not (settings option). Similarly the user should be able to switch the “Realtime Mode” off if they so choose.