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Welcome to Bss Help Centre

This module is focussed on Support and Help for Boarding Staff to use the various Applications.

See below for some very useful guides and some amazing collegial share tools to help every Boarding Professional.

pastoral and attendance help

BSS Apps are all designed to be very user friendly and don’t require much practice or training. This is very helpful as staff time is valuable and due to staff turnover in some Boarding positions it is not practical to continuously inject costly resources into training staff on software applications. Available resources could be better utilized on Operational and Duty of Care matters.

Nonetheless, this Support & Help Room contains step by step guides & video links on how to engage with each application.

There is also an interface whereby staff can email us with their queries or questions.

We will endeavor to respond the same day, however at this stage we are hoping that this resource will not be too busy as we have prioritized our development team instead.

Help resources

BSS Website Blog, Boarding Matters Blog, Multimedia Resource Sharing Repository, a Staff Assessment or Survey tool ideal for Staff Induction and Training.

This centre houses a Blog discussion on this BSS website and then a Blog for general discussion on issues in Boarding.

Following this is a Training Centre, designed to compliment your Boarding Schools Staff Induction & Training Program. It consists of notes and other learning resources that are non copyright and freely available to Senior BSS member managers to share & utilise as part of staff Professional Development. This tool assesses the inductee or staff member according to a set of questions designed by the schools Boarding Trainer or from questionnaires shared by senior staff from other Boarding Schools within Boarding School Suite.

The assessment is carried out online with results automatically assessed and confidentially emailed to the assessor for discussion with the staff and filing for future reference.

The next tool is a searchable Resource Repository.

The intention of this is to be a “Bank” of professional Boarding related documents and other multimedia resources including links, that our members can download or contribute to in the spirit of collegiality.

These documents and images would be non copyright policies, practices, notes, procedures, links and ideas all used in Boarding by professionals. This Resource Repository can also contain icons and images either used in Boarding or that work well in the various Apps related to this Boarding School Suite.

The person posting resources will be identified with the resource and will also supply some ‘search criteria’ or ‘strings’ that can be used by other when searching for resources. Record is kept/displayed of which users upload/download resources.

Finally the Help Centre contains instructions and videos on the use of the various Pastoral and Attendance Centre Applications.