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Welcome to BSS Help Centre

This module is focussed on Support and Help for Boarding Staff to use the various Applications.

See below for some very useful guides and some amazing collegial share tools to help every Boarding Professional.

pastoral and attendance help

BSS Apps are all designed to be very user friendly and don’t require much practice or training. This is very helpful as staff time is valuable and due to staff turnover in some Boarding positions it is not practical to continuously inject costly resources into training staff on software applications. Available resources could be better utilized on Operational and Duty of Care matters.

There is also an interface whereby staff can email us with their queries or questions.

The software is very simple and easy to follow. Some industry experience and most will know what to look for next. We will slowly add screenshots or further “Help” videos to this page as we become aware that certain actions need some explaining. Feel free to email if something is not clear to you. Just let us know which app and device you are using and we will get you back into the game quickly. Being cloud based means the problems are usually quite quick & simple to fix.


The layout of the resources all begin at the Homepage of this website. Step 1 is to Register with BSS by making contact with us. We will conduct a few security checks and before long you will receive your login credentials to access Grayleaf Academy. Our very own academy where you can test a fully functional Boarding School. Notice the links on our home page – that is all you need to access our Secure School Portal which is the database for your Grayleaf Academy.