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The Database is central to Boarding School Suite. Most applications

This is hopefully going to be one of our flagship applications: Emphasis on a quick and easy process for Boarding staff to process Weekend and other student Leave applications.

Process will begin with Boarding Administrator setting up the School Year which includes default weekend dates, default weekend departure/return times and known Approved Hosts.


Once this is done, Students can submit their own Leave Applications using the Student Liberty App available in both Android and IOS. Liberty App also has some secret student features and an option for Head of Boarding to integrate their personal favourite campus safety app & to deactivate components of the app for students who choose to misuse the privilege.”

Leave input and processing is a quick and simple task with automatic notifications going out to parents and students about the status and conditions of their Leave Application.

At the end of the weekend the system displays a report to the duty staff which students are late to return as per agreed return time of student. Messages can be activated to notify student and staff that the student is due back or late returning. Senior administrators will receive an alert message when students are exceptionally late, if so requested of the system. Students and Staff will be able to view Leave History.

Similarly numerous reports are available, these include various Host reports, meal reports and listings of students out on leave, due back or "late to return" with Host details - so it's simple to chase them up!