Pastoral Centre

Pastoral Centre - Medical File

This module enables dormitory staff to be in touch and updated with medical & health information concerning students. The relevant healthcare professionals supporting students can disseminate information about medications and conditions.Pretty much the same as the Student Conduct Record, only it would have different levels of access as set up by the Boarding Administrator. One unique feature of this Application is that it facilitates alerts to the Head Check Application, Excursion App and the Daily Diary application, if so desired.

The type of alerts can be reminders to administer particular drugs, alerts to allergic conditions or short messages from Health Care staff/ Managers to other staff/Managers either in Boarding or catering about students health matters. These should be just quick popup messages when student name is engaged. Allergic alerts or other critical conditions should display a constant reminder to users in the form of an icon visible when interacting with a particular students name. Long Pressing the Icon gives more details about the condition.

Further notes to consider for the Medical application


  • Boarders attending Sick Bay at any time
  • Dispensed medication register
  • Regular prescribed medication register – and notification if missed
  • Medical notes for individual students
  • Controlled drug register
  • Staff appropriate access