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This module is focused on ancillary records & daily intra departmental communication to work toward best practice Pastoral & Duty of Care for Boarding students.

It is designed to facilitate positive academic responses from Boarders and Boarding staff by presenting a number of tools critical in generating Boarder’s academic efforts, social conduct, leadership assessment and personal alerts.

This centre provides applications for Boarding Staff that can assist in monitoring, recording and managing all aspects of a students support regime during their time at your school.

Some of the examples include
  • Student Personal File
  • Conduct Record
  • Medical File
  • Learning Support
  • Catering Manager. Currently “Boarders Leave” provides report to catering department in terms of who is on leave, when they are returning and meal numbers.
  • Daily Diary “Page a Day” that Boarding Staff traditionally use to communicate to one another as shifts change.
  • Parent Access. Boarding Administrators will have the freedom to share whichever information they choose to share with parents according to their style, preferences and applications being utilised.Currently the Boarders Leave Application requires parent approval and engagement with the system using their own credentials.

Pastoral Center Apps – Available 2017

BSS is being developed in an attempt to provide practical tools to Boarding School professionals